Tarfside - Clova

Tarfside - Clova

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Tarfside - Clova


Sunday 12th May 2019


Bus start: Blairgowrie (Wellmeadow): [7.30 ] am Alyth (Square): [7.45 ] am

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A Walk –Loch  Lee to Clova

Start  at Invermark, 448804 and head W along Loch Lee. Continue along the track  to395804 and turn W to 345809. Head S to Wester Balloch, 806m., then SW to  Wolf Hill and S to Benty Roads. SSE to reach the Snub and descend to Loch  Brandy then the path to Clova Hotel.

Approx.  distance:  21km

Total  ascent: 580m

Min.  walking time:  6.5hrs

B Walk –Gleneffock  to Clova

Start  at 458780 and take the path heading W to 420777. Leave the path and head SW  to East Cairn 391767, and from there join the path to Muckle Cairn, then E to  Green Hill, 3467757. Descend S then SW on the path to Clova Hotel.

Approx.  distance:   16km

Total  ascent: 630 m

Min.  walking time:  5hrs

C Walk – Loch  Brandy circular from Clova.

Start  in Glen Clova at the Hotel, 328731, and take the path sign posted for Glen  Esk. Follow the path to Loch Brandy and head N up the Snub and carry on E to  Green Hill. From here descend on the path on the East side of Loch Brandy  then the path back to the Clova Hotel.

Approx.  distance:  5.5km

Total  ascent:  410m

Min.  walking time:  3.5hrs

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The next club meet is the Club Week-end to Strathpeffer, 31st May to 2nd June.

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