Prosen - Clova

Prosen - Clova

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Glen Prosen to Clova


Sunday 17th February 2019


Bus start: Blairgowrie (Wellmeadow): 8:30am Alyth (Square): 8:45am

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A Walk –  Kilbo Path

Start  at Glen Prosen Lodge, follow track N.W. to Kilbo Ruin. North up the Shank of  Drumwhallo, then E. to the summit of Driesh (M-947m). Continue E over Hill of  Strone and Cairn Inks to coll at 315716 and drop down to the Clova Hotel. To  shorten the walk, in bad weather, leave the track at 267693 and rise up the  Shank of Driesh to the summit, then as previous.

Approx.  distance:  18.5 km (shortened 15.5km)

Total  ascent: 800 m (780m)                        

Min.  walking time: 6 hrs (5.5  hrs)

B Walk – Glen  Clova Forrest

Start  at Glen Prosen Lodge and follow the path N thro’ Glen Clova Forrest to the  summit of Hill of Strone. Turn E over Cairn Inks to coll at 315716 and drop  down to the Clova Hotel.

Approx.  distance:  12 km

Total  ascent: 550 m

Min.  walking time: 4.5 hrs

C Walk – The  Ministers Path

Start  at the bridge over Prosen Water at Spott. Walk around Prosen Church yard and  follow the path up Glen Tairie (Not the track to Glentairie). Follow the path  over Drumwhern to the B955 at 356696. The walk can be extended by leaving the  path at 345691 and heading north on the path which leads past Cromachy Hill  House and on to the B955 at 339719 and a 2km walk along the road to the Clova  Hotel. 

Approx.  distance:  6.5 km (extended  10.5 km)

Total  ascent: 185 m (255  m.)

Min.  walking time: 2.5/3 hrs (3.5/4hrs)

Next Walk/Activity:

The next club walk is on the10th March to Loch Lubnaig – Lochearnhead. Other information/events: BDHC AGM 29th March, 7:00pm at Blairgowrie Golf Club.

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