Glen Tromie/Glen Feshie

Glen Tromie/Glen Feshie

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Meallach Mhor, Croidh-la or Ruthven to Tromie Bridge


Sunday 23rd June


Blairgowrie (Wellmeadow): 07.30am Alyth (Square): 07.15 am

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A Walk – Meallach  Mhor (Corbett 769m)

Head S  from Tromie Bridge (NN790995) along tarred road to NN788978, then take track  which gradually ascends Croidh-la.

Continue S along ridge and over Clach-Mheall  to the Corbett Meallach Mhor (769m). Head West to pick up track which leads  to Bhran Cottage and N along Glen Tromie to Tromie Bridge.

Approx.  distance:  21.5 km

Total  ascent: 635 m

Min.  walking time: 7 hrs

B Walk – Croidh-la  (640m)

Follow A route S down Glen Tromie to track at  NN788978 and ascend Croidh-la (640m). Continue SSW on track which descends  into Glen Tromie then head N past Lynnaberack lodge along road to Tromie  Bridge.

Approx.  distance:  13 km

Total  ascent: 380m

Min.  walking time: 4.0 hrs

C Walk – Ruthven  to Tromie Bridge

Start at Ruthven Barracks (NN765997) and head  W along minor road for 1km to Knappach. Take track SW in a loop over Creag  Druim Gheallogaidh (425m) and Creag nam Bodach (491m) then NE to join track  from Ruthven to Woods of Glentromie at NN770974, then descend to Glentromie  Lodge, cross river and head N along road to Tromie Bridge.

Alternative C Walk – From Tromie Bridge  through hamlet of Drumguish and an assortment of forestry tracks.

Approx.  distance:  12 km

Total  ascent: 250 m

Min.  walking time: 4 hrs

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The next club walk is on the 14th July 2019 to South Loch Laggan starting at 07.30 am (Blairgowrie) and 07.15 am (Alyth).

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