Benachally from Dowally

Benachally from Dowally

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Benachally, Deuchary Hill or Loch Ordie


Sunday 26th January


Blairgowrie (Wellmeadow): 08.30 am Alyth (Square): 08.15 am

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A Walk – Benachally

Start beside Dowally Craft Shop off the A9  at NO000481 then take the cycle track and the private road and track past the  cottages and uphill to Raor Lodge. Take the track N to Loch Ordie skirting  the S side of the loch to Riemore Lodge and continue on track NE for 1km  before ascending Benachally (487m). From the track re-trace steps to main  track before heading S past Grewshill to track junction at NO049486 which  skirts S side of Deuchary Hill.

Continue  SW then S to Mill Dam and onto Cally car park and Dunkeld. 

Approx.  distance:  21 km

Total  ascent: 500 m

Min.  walking time: 6.5 hrs

B Walk – Deuchary  Hill

As  A walk to Raor Lodge then to Loch Ordie, skirting S side of loch then track S  past Grewshill before turning W and ascending Deuchary Hill (511m). Descend  to track then S to Mill Dam, passing Birkenburn and Cally car park to  Dunkeld.

Approx.  distance:  15 km

Total  ascent: 440 m

Min.  walking time: 5 hrs

C Walk – Loch  Ordie

Start  as A walk to Raor Lodge then N to Loch Ordie. At Loch Ordie take the track  behind the cottages which contours around the W side of Deuchary Hill before  descending to Mill Dam and out via Birkenburn and Cally car park to Dunkeld.

Approx.  distance:  12 km

Total  ascent: 150 m

Min.  walking time: 3.5 hrs

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The next club walk is on the 16th February 2020 to Glas Tulaichean starting at 08.00 am (Blairgowrie) and 07.45 am (Alyth).

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