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Creag Meagaidh - Sunday 12th March 2017

Posted By at Monday, March 13, 2017

The party of fourteen arrived at their destination in improving weather conditions as the clag lifted to expose most of the summits.

The A and C parties were dropped off at the Moy car park. The A party of four headed up to Creag na Calliche and on to the Munro Creag Meagaidh, encountering a lot of old rotten snow on the way. The four returned via the Window and on through Coire Adair and the coach waiting at Aberarder. Three members comprising the C party left with the A group then turned NW and contoured their way back to the coach under the crags of Creag Tharsuinn. Meanwhile the seven members of the B party had left the coach at Aberarder and after following the path towards Coire Ardair struck N up steep slopes and onto the broad ridge of their Munro, Carn Liath. They returned to the coach following another path that finished with a section literally down a burn through the thick birch woods. Two other club members had driven to the area looking for a winter climb and managed to complete a Grade 1 route in deteriorating conditions. The middle of the day saw all the groups ‘enjoying’ some heavy rain, this had been the first bad weather encountered on any club outing since the early autumn. Unusually no wildlife was spotted and the famous and normally bird rich birch woods were strangely quiet.