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Autumn weekend - Hadrians Wall 14th/17th September 2018

Posted By at Thursday, September 27, 2018

It was perhaps a unique occasion for our seasoned bunch of hill walkers to have visited an area so little known to the group.

This was another club weekend much enjoyed by all who took part, the lonely moorland scenery of this part of Cumbria and Northumberland has a beauty all of its own, the wall and related visitor centres and extensive Roman remains along its length make it a wonderful area to visit and to walk. Some members enjoyed an intensive weekend of walks whilst others stayed the week and were able to visit the local town of Hexham as well as enjoying more of the wall and sometimes just following its route where the stones had been plundered for building foundations for the parallel military road constructed in the eighteenth century. Many of the remote farmsteads had also clearly used the wall’s well-cut masonry. The wall had originally been 4.5 metres high with a base of two or three metres depending in which section, most is now between one and one and a half metres high where it still exists, The group of seventeen met at the Anchor Hotel in Haydon Bridge on the Friday evening to plan the main walk for the Saturday as well as enjoying a meal and a few drinks for those not driving. The whole group agreed to walk what is often considered to be the most scenic section of the wall and which includes lengths that run above impressive crags. This section runs from the brand new and very impressive visitor centre at Sill (including the UK’s newest & poshest Youth Hostel) and along the wall, east to Chesters – 12 miles in all. The group enjoyed its traditional meal together on the Saturday evening, again at the Anchor Hotel The photograph shows part of the group having a rest at the well known Sycamore Tree Gap between two steep sections of the wall.