Blairgowrie & District Hillwalking Club - Resources

This library is intended to provide the following:

  • Downloadable copies of documents relevant to hillwalking in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
  • Lists of useful leaflets and publications available either from the club or from bookshops / outdoor shops.

We welcome suggestions or recommendations for other items for inclusion in this section.

Mountaineering Council of Scotland - Leaflets and Information Sheets

There are a good number of Leaflets and Information sheets available from the MCofS site. These are usually in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

The MCofS Leaflets and Information Sheets web page contains:


  • Avalanche Safety;
  • Hillphones Project;
  • Learn to Read or Get Lost (map & compass);
  • Enjoy the Scottish Hills in Safety;
  • Wild Camping;
  • Where to 'Go' in the Great Outdoors (advice on sanitation in the hills);
  • Freedom to Roam and Winter Essentials.

Information sheets:

  • Qualifications or Experience?;
  • Nesting Birds and Climbing;
  • The Crag Code;
  • Freezing to Death (The dangers of hypothermia in the winter mountains);
  • Rescue and Self-reliance;
  • Weather Forecasts;
  • Route Cards;
  • Guidance to Mountaineers Receiving Professional Instruction;
  • Modern Technology and Mountaineering and The place of mobile phones, radios and GPS devices in the mountains.

The highlighted items are those that we consider are most important generally for hillwalkers throughout the year.

Glen Arna - Navigation and Mountain Hazard A home study pack for novices.

The Glen Arna home study pack is an excellent introduction for novices to Hill Navigation and Mountain Hazard. However, experienced hillwalkers will find something of interest and use in this publication as well.

Three copies of the Glen Arna book are held by the Blairgowrie and District Hillwalking Club and are available on loan to MEMBERS only.

Glen Arna is published by: SportScotland and the Scottish Mountain Safety Group.

If you want your own copy... Glen Arna is available at the price of £6.00 plus £1.00 postage from:

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
The Old Granary
West Mill St
Perth, PH1 5QP

Tel: 01738 638227 Fax: 01738 442095

Short review: Glen Arna is based on a fictional Glen surrounded by a "horseshoe" ridge with two Munros and almost all the features you'd expect to find in Scottish hill terrain. It has a fold out, simplified, OS type map in the back cover with an "aerial" view of the area.

Glen Arna comprises two main sections: The Navigation Exercises and Mountain Hazard.

Navigation exercises: With the aid of the map and aerial view these take the reader in easy and logical stages from directions and grid references, through understanding and using contours to map and compass work and estimating time and distance. Exercises accompany each section (with answers given at the end of the Navigation part of the book).

Where necessary the answer section gives detailed explanations as to why and how the answers were reached - thus helping in understanding.

The Mountain Hazard section presents a series of incidents (10 fictional and 6 real but transferred to Glen Arna) that take place in and around the Glen. The incidents are not completed and as part of the exercises the reader is asked to suggest possible outcomes and what mistakes were made and what the correct actions would have been.

This section is very good at making the reader think and consider actions and their results. Indeed, although it is aimed at novices, it is a sobering reminder for those of us who have been walking for many years and we will all recognise one or more of the incidents which are given in the book.

In summary - an excellent book. It should be read and completed by everyone who is hillwalking, especially those just starting. However, it is a worthy refresher course for more experienced walkers. Well worth the £6.00.

Reviewed by James Tweedie.

Addresses referred to in the above

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
The Old Granary
West Mill St
Perth, PH1 5QP
Tel: 01738 638227 Fax: 01738 442095

Templeton on the Green
62 Templeton Street
Glasgow G40 1DA.
Tel: 0141 534 6500

The Scottish Mountain Safety Forum
Part of the MCofS. Contact under same address. Consists of representatives of organisations directly involved in mountain safety.

Scottish Natural Heritage
Great Glen House
Leachkin Road
Inverness IV3 8NW
Tel 01463 725000