Blairgowrie & District Hillwalking Club

Guidance for Visitors and New Members:

Equipment / sundries

Carry the following with you (all year round):

  • A map and compass: Know how to navigate (and navigate when you need to - don't rely on others).
  • A small first aid kit: Know how to use this as well.
  • A polythene and/or foil survival (bivouac) bag.
  • A torch and whistle (head torch).
  • Sling with carabiner

NOTE: The Club arranges navigation, winter skills and first aid courses during the year and informal teaching in navigation and winter skills can be had from some members during the walks.

In addition: Glen Arna home study packs on Navigation and Mountain Hazard are available for the use of members.

And in winter:

  • Ice axe - know how to use it.
  • Crampons - know how to use them.

Other items that are useful:

  • Foam mat - better than the survival bag for sitting on in (the infrequent!!) cold/wet conditions.
  • Shelter bag - 4 or 6 person "tent" bag - "livvi bivvi"
  • GPS system - several members have this already - great for checking location BUT does not replace basic navigation skills (Map and Compass work).
  • Mobile phone - if you have one let the Meets secretary know - it may be useful for checking the location of groups on the hill. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your phone is fully charged the evening before. Do NOT rely on the phone for communication. Whilst a good or reasonable signal can be obtained on many mountains and ridges in Scotland, lower ground and glens are often signal "dead" zones. Signal availability also relies on the provider and location of cells.
  • Sun screen - useful to carry all year round. The sun in winter and spring reflecting off snow can be more intense than in summer. Small plastic film containers are perfect to keep some in your rucksack.