Blairgowrie & District Hillwalking Club

Guidance for Visitors and New Members:

Clothing on the hills

Ensure you have appropriate clothing as recommended below:

  • Boots - suitable for walking over difficult and wet terrain. In winter stiff soled boots will be required for crampons.
  • Woollen or similar thick boot socks. You may find that a thin inner pair help prevent chafing and blisters
  • Gaiters - to prevent your boots from filling with mud, peat, snow, water etc.
  • Warm trousers - any of the standard types available from outdoor shops. Do not use jeans - this is because when they get wet they stay wet and quickly draw out body heat. Even in hot days in summer (when people sometimes wear shorts) it is advisable to carry long trousers with you in case the weather changes.
  • Several layers of clothes, waterproofs, warm headgear and gloves. (Yes, even in summer!).
  • Carry an extra fleece or sweater.

If in doubt please ask an existing member what they would recommend. You may be advised not to do a particular walk if committee members feel you are unsuitably clad for the conditions.

Change of clothes - It is worthwhile taking a change of clothing and a towel to leave in the bus or car - travelling back on the bus soaked through is not much fun (especially in winter).