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For Visitors

You are most welcome to come along and we hope that you will enjoy walking with us and perhaps join the Club. You are welcome to come out twice with us as visitors, but we would ask you to join the Club on your third outing.

Loch Garry – through walk

06-Aug-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

6th August 2017

Walk A: Dalnaspidal Lodge, via Meall na Leitreach (C) to Annat
Walk B: Dalnaspidal Lodge to Annat
Walk C: Kinloch Rannoch


29-Jul-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

Glen Feshie

16-Jul-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

16th July 2017

Walk A: Mullach Clach a’ Bhlair
Walk B: Sgor Gaoith
Walk C: Auchlean - Carnachuin

Ben Lui

25-Jun-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

25th June 2017

Walk A: Ben Lui & Beinn A’Chleibh
Walk B: Ben Lui
Walk C: two possibilities one from Tyndrum and one in Glen Lochy

Spring Weekend - Strontian

02-Jun-2017 04-Jun-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

2nd - 4th June

Walk A:
Walk B:
Walk C:

Capel Mounth

14-May-2017 14-May-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

14th May 2017

Walk A: Capel Mounth + Lair of Aldararie
Walk B: Capel Mounth Road
Walk C: Glen Doll Forest tracks

Glen Lochay

23-Apr-2017 23-Apr-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

23rd April 2017

Walk A: Beinn Heasgarnich and Creag Mhor
Walk B: Ben Challum
Walk C: Killin Loop and Glen Lochay

Lecht – Ladder Hills

02-Apr-2017 02-Apr-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

2nd April 2017

Walk A: Carn Mor (C = 804m)
Walk B: Carn Dulack
Walk C: Carn Ealasaid (C = 792m)

2017 AGM – venue Blairgowrie Golf Club

24-Mar-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

Creag Meagaidh

12-Mar-2017 12-Mar-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

12th March 2017

Walk A: Creag Meagaidh from Moy
Walk B: Carn Liath
Walk C: Coire Ardair


19-Feb-2017 19-Feb-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

19th February 2017

Walk A: Cat Law, Tarapetmile
Walk B: Cat Law, Hill of Stanks
Walk C: Glenhead

West Drumochter

29-Jan-2017 29-Jan-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

29th January 2017

Walk A: Gael Charn & A’ Mharconaich
Walk B: Gael Charn
Walk C: Falls of Bruar and beyond

Quiz Night – venue Blairgowrie Golf Club

27-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

Kirkton Glen Isla

08-Jan-2017 08-Jan-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

8th January 2017

Walk A: Baldandum Hill
Walk B: Auchinlaple Loch
Walk C: Gallow Hill

Christmas walk – Pine Cone Point - Dunkeld

11-Dec-2016 11-Dec-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

11th December 2016

Walk A: Pine Cone Point - Dunkeld
Walk B: As Walk A
Walk C: Various walks in the vicinity of Birnam and Dunkeld


20-Nov-2016 20-Nov-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

20th November 2016

Walk A: Schiehallion
Walk B: Meall Tairneachean
Walk C: Black Rock Viewpoint, Drummond Hill

Club Night – venue Blairgowrie Golf Club

18-Nov-2016 18-Nov-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

Campsie Fells

30-Oct-2016 30-Oct-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

30th October 2016

Walk A: Fintry to Dumgoyne
Walk B: As Walk A
Walk C: Drymen to Dumgoyne

Tolmount via Jock’s Road

{tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

9th October 2016

Walk A: Tolmount
Walk B: Bachnagairn
Walk C: Glendoll

Autumn weekend – Glen Shiel

16-Sep-2016 18-Sep-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

16th - 18th September 2016

Walk A: Details to be added
Walk B: Details to be added
Walk C:

Cairngorms – Breariach

28-Aug-2016 28-Aug-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

28th August 2016

Walk A: Braeriach
Walk B: Meall a’ Bhuachaille
Walk C: Ryvoan Bothy

Bridge of Orchy - compiler Ian Richards

07-Aug-2016 07-Aug-2016 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

7th August 2016

Walk A: Beinn Dorain & Beinn an Dothaidh
Walk B: Beinn Dorain
Walk C: West Highland Way - section

Mount Battock

29-Oct-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

29th October 2017

Walk A: Mount Battock
Walk B: Mount Een
Walk C: Low Level Walk

Glen Lyon

08-Oct-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

8th October 2017

Walk A: Carn Gorm, Meall Gharb, Carn Mairg, Meall Nan Aighean (Creag Mhor)
Walk B: Meal nan Aighean (Creag Mhor) Craig Mairg
Walk C:

Slide Night – venue Blairgowrie Golf Club

6-Oct-2017 6-Oct-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

Skye – Broadford

15-Sep-2017 17-Sep-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

15th - 17th September 2017

Walk A: TBC
Walk B: TBC
Walk C: TBC


27-Aug-2017 {tag_time} {tag_location} {tag_tags}

27th August 2017

Walk A: Ben Vane, Beinn Ime & Beinn Narnain
Walk B: Ben Vorlich
Walk C: There are several possible walks