Blairgowrie & District Hillwalking Club - Ethos

The Club is a group of friendly, like-minded individuals who joined together to go hillwalking safely and enjoyably. The emphasis is on enjoyment of the Scottish hills. The Club organises regular (every third Sunday) meets and travels, usually by bus, to the various venues.

The Club does not appoint leaders and it encourages members to be self-reliant. To help members increase their skills it organises training events such as winter skills, first aid and navigation. We also have a Welcome Pack that contains plenty of common sense information and material about safety on the Scottish hills. You will also find the Guidance page useful.

For each meet members are given a walk sheet which contains information to help them judge their suitability to undertake the walks. On the bus there is usually an up-to-date weather forecast.

The Club welcomes young or inexperienced walkers and will help new members, although we stress that Club members are not qualified mountain leaders.

The Club also organises some social events throughout the year. Some of these raise funds to help run the Club. There is usually an evening talk where an individual will address the Club on a subject that has some bearing on hillwalking.

The Club has a constitution and set of rules. It holds an AGM and dinner in March. Club members take their turn on the Committee and any member of the Committee can help if you need more information.

Visitors or new members will be provided with information about what to wear and bring when they put their name down with the Meet Secretary for their first outing.

On the bus, a Committee member will explain how the Club operates and ensure they are comfortable with their chosen walk.